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2023 Rates

Cranberry’s 19-hole championship golf course offers an exceptional golfing experience, with a beautifully maintained course spanning 6,618 yards. In addition to the main course, Cranberry also has a driving range & putting green perfect for those looking to improve their skills. The driving range is open to both members and non-members and offers a fantastic opportunity for golfers of all levels to practice their game in a controlled environment. For those looking for more personalized instruction, Cranberry also offers a range of golf programs led by expert instructors.

Have questions? Contact us at 705-445-6600 ext.50603

Spring/Fall Golf Rates
Opening to May 18th & Sept 21th to close | Cart Included
Rates are starting from

Summer Golf Rates
May 19th to Sept 20th | Cart Included
Rates are starting from

Image by Courtney Cook

Extra Carts

Extra Rider Fee: $19.00

Extra Cart Fee: $19.00 (if available)

Rental Clubs

18 Holes: $30.00

9 Holes: $19.00

Golf Balls


A driving range can be a fantastic place for both beginner and experienced golfers to practice their swing, improve their accuracy, and simply have fun with friends or family. Whether you're looking to take up golf as a new hobby or simply want to refine your skills, a driving range provides a safe and controlled environment for you to hit balls and perfect your technique.

Small: $7

Larger: $14
Membership: $299


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7:30AM to 7:00PM

Last bucket sold one hour before close.

(Range may experience closures for weather-related issues, etc.)

Golf Instruction

Our instructors, Sandy Goodwin (a 25 year+ Class A PGA of Canada Professional) and Alessandro Gravina are available for Golf Instruction.

Please contact 705-444-2699 to book a private or group lesson.

  • 1/2 Hour – $50 

  • 45 Min – $60 

  • 1 Hour – $70

  • Series of 3, 30 Minute lessons – $140 

  • Series of 5, 30 Minute lessons  – $220

  • Group of 2 students, one 60 minute lesson $40 per student

  • Group of 2 students, Series of 3, 60 minute lesson – $120 per student

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